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October 13, 2006


Kendall Watson

While I applaud George's perspective on maintaining the independence of the judiciary, the article does no service to some of his claims. Look, the guy wants justices to keep thier job.

So he fudges reality. Such as when voters in Pennsylvania kicked Russ Nigro off the podium, a first for a Supreme Court Judge. The reason? Voters were upset to learn that Chief Justice Ralph Cappy, hardly an "incidental beneficary," as George stated, had coordinated with Republican legislators to craft a bill that would give them the raise (above the automatic yearly raises the legislators already receive).

Caught off-guard by a furious reaction from the electorate, the embarassed legislature tried to repeal the raise, but the PA Supreme Court ruled that unconstitutional since it's in the PA constitution that you can't repeal justice's pay-raises.

Indeed, THEY DID GET A CHANCE TO REVIEW THE LAW in SEPTEMBER, but after Nigro had been dismissed. Of course, George conveniently omitted this fact when he was interviewed THIS MONTH. So Cappy & his cohort make $171,000 a year in what essentially amounts to daylight robbery - and hardly partisan politics.

Repeating this fabrication does your readership a real disservice.

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